My Home Umm Al Khair

The community of Umm Al Khair is located south of the settlement of Karmel in the southern parts of Hebron Governorate in the West Bank. Only a barbwire separates between the settlement of Karmel (21st-centurt-type of living) and the Bedouin community who live in very basic contionions. The Israeli occupation has taken its toll on Umm Al Khair in several forms: a constant military presence; routine harassment from settlers; house demolition orders; the desecration of agricultural land; restrictions to the accessibility of farming land; and a lack of an infrastructure for water, electricity and transportation. The last few years have been exceptionally hard for the 125-registed refugees living in the commu- nity;

In October 31st, 2008 Israeli forces demolished a number of residential sheds in the community due to its closeness to the settlement. After the demolition, Israeli bulldozers began the expansion of the settlement on the expense of the community. Palestinians have tried to stop the expansion, yet to no avail. It’s been very frustrating seeing the bulldozers eating up the community lands while lawyers, national and international organizations stood helpless and trying to only document the violation. No steps were taken (or could have been taken) to stop the Israeli bulldozers (working the protection of the Army) from devouring the land.

This air photo of Karmel and Umm Al Khair is 5-6 years old and doesn’t show the new neighbourhood that has since been built in Karmel.

Military bulldozer destroying the homes of Palestinian Bedouins in Umm Al Khair

Photos from Umm Al Khair


5 responses to “My Home Umm Al Khair

  1. Congratulations on your new site. I hope this will bring you many orders for your amazing creations. Good luck, Judy Labensohn

  2. Anne ⋅

    Dear Eid.

    Thank you for being who you are.
    Thank you for participating in my documentary:

    Inch Allah msafre 3ala Um Al Kher.

    Allah y3afeek il 3afye!

    Take care, and greeting for your lovely family!

    -Anne. ( former EA. )

  3. It breaks my heart that your village has been once again subjected to demolition. I saw the photos and wept. Your message of peace and creativity is so urgent, yet is drowned out by the tears and the wailing, and the grinding of machinery and the barking of soldiers.

    I will shout for you in Canada. I will call for justice and restoration. I hold you, your family and your people in my heart and in prayer.

    Halas to destruction!

    May there be Peace.

    Dianne Baker

  4. respect and blessing to you and your beautiful family Eid.

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