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John Deere Tractor, 2010

I once saw a film about the John Deere Tractors, and how they helped to advance the world.  I also used to work in Ofakim, Israel, on a potato picker, pulled by a John Deere tractor.  I worked there day and night until I was caught by policemen for working without a proper Israeli work permit and was sent home.  I built this tractor in the nearby village of Susiya.   People came to watch me as I worked – men, women, and children. I enjoyed their support and curiosity very much.

This piece is built from a piece of iron that was thrown next to the house as garbage.  I took it and cut it and added green plastic, the body of the tractor, which somebody brought me from Tel Aviv.  The wheels are built from a plastic tube, and I used plastic beverage bottles for the windows.  All the pieces are attached by iron wires.